Dear Sir/Madam,

The National Commission for Women has identified the Issues/Topics/Thrust Areas, listed below, for undertaking Research Study for the FY 2023-24. Themes for Research Studies:

  1. Women and Health
  2. Women in decision making roles in Corporates

III. Women farmers/daily wage laborers in relation to Migration

  1. Challenges faced by women of Denotified tribes
  2. Sex workers and their children (Legal, educational, health and occupational challenges)

At least three Social Sciences departments or faculty members from these departments (Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Law, Business School, Management School, History,Gender Studies etc) must be involved in conduct of the Research Study.

Grant amount:

INR 19.00 Lakh for Large State category with Population of the State is more than 6 Crore

INR 15.00 Lakh for Medium State category with Population of the State is between 3 and 6 Crore

INR 13.00 Lakh for Small State category with Population of the State is less than 3 Crore


It is expected that data will be collected within the first 9 months. The first 9 months includes 3 months for preparation, recruitment and training. The next 6 months is for data collection. The last three months is for report writing. Total time period for the project would be 1 year. Extensions can be considered provided there is sufficient justification.

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